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Structured Wiring

clientuploads/structured-wiring.JPGStructured Wiring is a whole house wiring system for communications, entertainment, security and control that replaces the wiring systems of old. Today, most consumers have strong networking needs relating to data transfer, computer systems, home security systems, remote controlled HVAC systems, and video entertainment capabilities. Structured wiring systems are intended to meet these demands, efficiently streamlining and distributing a variety of data signals throughout your home.

Structured wiring offers many advantages over traditional forms of home wiring and is tailored to today’s technology-savvy world. This type of system coordinates all your home systems, allowing you to, for instance, play a DVD in one room and watch it from any TV in the house, or place security cameras inside or out and monitor them from any home TV or computer. Distributing cable TV, Internet, telephone, and audio signals throughout the house not only offers convenience but it gives you more centralized access to parental controls. It makes automation technology possible, so you can operate various appliances from anywhere in the home and even remotely online.

Structured wiring can be installed while a home is under construction, retrofitted during a remodel or added on its own.